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Yamako can do the following things

Yamako can serve you 24 hours in discord, to do several tasks, such as:

  1. Play music as you wish
  2. Find anime titles by giving screnshoot
  3. Slap your friends on the discord online
  4. and more ...
  5. Invite me

Yamako have Fb Messenger to!, check this page for more info

Yamako Have old project :

  1. Edited Cyko (GUI for Handbrake CLI) , if you don't know, basically it works to compress video files (original 100MB video can be compressed to 10MB, the output will have mkv format) just give a try! :D.
  2. KumpulHost get ip from host name then you can directly apply the result to hosts file. sadly this project is dead. (you can use //hosts if you add my to discord)

Yamako GDrive A tools for copying any google drive file , click to more info.

i forgot some :')

more tools comming soon..